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May 15, 2006


Amy T

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your message today. I have really been ignoring the self-nuture I need to do to remain focused and happy. Yesterday, for Mother's Day, I renamed the holiday Mother's Day Off. I read, went to church, watched some TV, took a bubble bath--everything to rest. It was so hard not to DO something!! But I persisted, and it made me feel like I really had a weekend for the first time in a long time. I am going to keep on incorporating these types of activities every weekend--maybe not a complete day off--but things that I want to do. Thanks for the reminder and your own recognition of the need to take care of ourselves.

Bonnie McKeown

Each one of these Monday morning messages are uplifting and positive!

You are making a difference in this world, Brook! We need more people like you!!!


I do some nice things for myself... I have my eyelashes done every 3 weeks (extensions that last for a long time - no mascara needed anymore) and I read every single day before I go to bed. Those things always make me happy.


I appreciate the information about switching services on the newletters; I have been going nuts without my Good Morning emails and affirmations! I started the Challenge a month or so ago, but it i=really IS a challenge for me, and I have given myself permission to go slow. I need the daily boost in my Inbox to encourage me to work the program. Thanks for all you do!

Deb Edlund

I just have started listing to the Podcast. I enjoyed it. I especially liked the analogy of needing to make a deposit as with your bank account. Also to not think of it as being a selfish act to take time for ourselves. I keep looking for the date that you will be coming to Minneapolis. Very excited that our city is on the list.



I'm just catching up on the podcasts. I'm just beginning to switch how I nurture me. I've been doing some negative nurturing, if that's possible. Because I've given so much during the day I have been staying up too late at night...this is my time. But I spend it watching TV or something else just as meaningless. I've also been snacking and feeling almost euphoric. But the after effects of this behavior is not nurturing, it's self-destructive. But I do love myself and as part of my decision to affirm me, I've started doing better things for me. As you've taught, I speak positively, in the now about me. I am loved. I make good choices for my health, etc. Yesterday I got a manicure (something I rarely do)& went shopping (another rarity). Last night while listening to this podcast, I tried on my new outfit...looks great! This morning I woke early and did some inspriational reading which got my day off to a wonderful start. It feels GREAT!!!

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