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March 16, 2006



I like the pizza snacks idea, that would work really great for my kids. They love the idea of build your own snacks and this would be perfect for them!


"I" love the stacker idea!!
My kids are almost grown and they'd love them too!!
Th biggest kid, my husband, wouldn't be able to lift his it'd be topped so well. I visit the website a great deal and my oldest(17) looks for recipes she can make for dinner. The books will be part of her college dorm.

Way to Go Brook!!!

Elissa Smythe

I love this!!! Brook ... when are you getting your own show?? We are ready to tune in to a full hour of Brook Noel fun and wisdom!!!



Delicious. I love the stacker snacks. So quick and wholesome and fun for kids (and grown ups) to make.


Brook, I agree with Elissa, when are you going to get your own show?? You were so great! Have fun while you're traveling---may you be blessed as you bless so many of us!


I do not have any kids, but my husband would love the cracker snack idea! We are both busy with work and school, and this is something even he can do in the kitchen. Thanks for the great ideas! (Ditto on the idea of your own show) Robin


How distant are we? And how close! I've just seen you here in Brazil! - and loved to.
All the best,


I think the idea of SHOWING people how easy healthy meals are to prepare is fantastic!

Karla Marsh

Dear Brook, I really appreciate all the hard work you do trying to help the rest of us learn to prepare healthy meals and organize our lives. Most of all thank you for being there everyday with an encouraging word. You bless so many.

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